Established in 1923, SPANA’s goal is simple: to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest communities.

Around the developing world, over half a billion people rely on a huge but largely unrecognised workforce of donkeys, horses, elephants and camels to support their livelihoods. At least 200 million working animals undertake the roles of trucks, taxis and tractors – but only a small fraction will have access to even the most basic veterinary care. For most, they must work on through the pain.

SPANA’s vision is a world where every animal lives a life free from suffering and is treated with compassion. Our dedicated teams work in over 25 countries around the world to:

  • TREAT animals in need, relieving pain and preventing suffering
  • TRAIN communities and professionals to improve care
  • TEACH children to develop respect and compassion towards animals

Information on part of our Strategic Plan and annual Review

Just think – Over a billion people worldwide depend on animals for their livelihoods, each working animal supporting an extended family of up to 30 people. For half the world’s population working animals are the main source of power

SPANA aspires to be recognised as the world’s leading charity for working animals. Over the next strategic period we will take further steps to increase recognition of our work, growing public awareness, expanding into new territories and strengthening professional networks. SPANA ultimately aims to have an influence in every accessible developing country with a significant working animal population and, by adopting an objective framework to determine our priorities for expansion, we will reach up to 15 core countries by 2023.

Our mission is to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest communities. We do this through treatment, training and teaching. We treat by providing free veterinary care when animals suffer or when emergencies strike. We train by building expertise among vets and promoting humane care by animal owners. We teach children to develop positive beliefs, respect and compassion towards animals.

Our core values, which are currently under review as part of an international engagement process with all of our core countries of operation, which are Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Mali, Botswana Zimbabwe and Myanmar are Commitment, Knowledge, Respect, Courage and Compassion

We work to ensure that staff are provided with the right tools to be the most effective at their jobs and to provide the necessary training to facilitate this. SPANA is committed to developing a work culture which empowers its staff to develop in their roles and to achieve that best they can.